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Scott Mattiske (Parents David & Janelle Mattiske) - D & J Partnership

Located in Forbes NSW, Scott Mattiske is a fourth-generation family farmer with a farming enterprise going back 70+ years. Scott predominately crops Wheat, Barley, Oats and Canola. Being a family operation, Scott was born into the farming business with the fifth generation on its way into the family business, as his son Tom has been working alongside him.

The biggest challenge Scott has on farm is Implementing and succeeding the plan. The parameters are forever changing but the basic business plans don’t, so communication and revision of the parameters are essential. Keeping the business moving forward (through better practices and technology) but keeping in mind a conservative approach also in times of change upheaval. Even when the margins are closing, keeping and staying in the market is a challenge.

Scott believes that lack of communication and lack of planning are two of the biggest issues that affect farming safety. Everything that you do impacts others in the family business, and open communication to what is planned and what is happening plays a major role in ensuring that everyone on their property, as well as visiting contractors are kept safe.


To a certain extent, being your own boss is one of Scott’s favourite parts about farming. While required to remain flexible around times when certain jobs are essential to be completed, (sowing, harvest etc.) and being present for outside contractors, you do remain largely your own boss, with the ability to take time when you want too.

As time moves fast, Scott would like to stay up to date on new methods and technology and implementation of these takes time. Keeping ahead of the game on farm storage, and not solely relying on yourself to get everything done- making use of other businesses that specialise in their fields, whether it be on farm storage, contract harvesting, providers of sensors etc, and working smarter not harder.

Scott sees an extended future here, remaining on the farm.

Looking to the future Scott would like to implement on farm Technologies. The expanding technologies and the time keeping up with it. There is so much new technology coming out and sifting through what is worthwhile and what to discard – it needs to be meaningful and value adding to a farming enterprise.

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