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Salvatore Papa - Papa’s Fattoria


For 25 years Salvatore owned and operated his farming enterprise, farming Wheat and Canola on his property near Bathurst NSW. Salvatore enjoys farming, and while it may be hard work, it is very rewarding. He instantly fell in love with farming when he first visited his farm and saw the beautiful yellow canola crops.

Working on-farm comes with challenges, as Salvatore owns and operates a business in Sydney NSW, and for over 30 years, Salvatore Papa has been feeding Sydneysiders quintessential Italian sweets, inspired by recipes from his hometown in Sicily. But striking a happy balance between his love for farming and his thriving retail and wholesale operation with three locations in Haberfield, Five Dock and Bondi is an ongoing challenge. He would love to spend more time on-farm as farming requires a large amount of time.

While one of the biggest safety concerns on farm is workers operating heavy machinery and accessing silos, Salvatore has ensured that he gives his employees the best level of training and the opportunity to increase their skills and ensure safety is the key priority.


Although life can be busy and farming is demanding, Salvatore enjoys spending time outdoors while working on the farm. Being outdoors is a totally different lifestyle to what he experiences when he is in Sydney.

He would like to implement more automation on farm, allowing him time to gain the opportunity to spend more time exploring more areas of farming.

Over the next 5 years, Salvatore would like to spend more time at the farm and expanding this side of his business.

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