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David - GA Fishpool & Co

David has been working on his family farm since he was 5 years old with his father. David predominately breeds cross bred lambs for meat and wool production along with cropping barley, canola, and lupins. He enjoys working on farm, as every day is a new challenge, and no two days are ever the same.

David likes to say the his “old man” guilted him into remaining on the farm, but his enjoyment of the land is easy to see.

Over the next 5 years David would like to expand his enterprise especially if any of his neighbours are selling (he adds with a glint in his eye). The continuing expansion of the farm is something that sits foremost in their plans now, with David’s daughter continuing with the business.

David would like to improve the farms safety practices by implementing newer methods for cost and time saving, and general safety practices to protect everyone.


Being your own boss is his favourite part about farming, with the ability to work how and when you want, and the capability to be able to drop everything at a moment’s notice to spend and enjoy time with the kids before they grow up.

Looking to the future David would like the ability to market price-share more, and see more transparency on the products we produce while getting fair market price.

When asked about the biggest challenges in farming today, David (jokingly) replied keeping the Missus happy, but on a more serious note, Government interference, red tape, and what he perceives as the Greens left wing influences are not helping farmers to grow their business for future generations.

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