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Lloyd, Russell, and Geoffrey Jones – Jones Darriwell Partners

The Jones Darriwell family run and operate a farm near Trundle NSW. They predominately crop Canola, Lupins, Wheats, Barley, and Oats. They also operate Darriwell Merino stud and Merino Flock (  Including a First Cross operation. Their parents commenced farming at trundle the farming enterprise has expanded significantly since then.

The biggest safety concerns they see on farm are; Grain Augers, heights of Silos and modern farming machinery, and in their sheep in yards.

Biggest Challenges they see while on farm are drought, commodity prices, high interest rates and input costs.


The Safety they have adopted into their Multi Silo Grain storage system, by Using HE Silos, is the Ground Opening Lid and ability to clean the silos from ground level, allowing them to safely operate and store all their lupins, barley, and wheat when the main silos are full or out of service.

Their favorite thing about life on farm is being able to be your own boss, creating food and fiber to feed the world.

They enjoy the open spaces and the ability to watch the crop and lambs grow and over the next 5 years we will continue to improve our farming operations for the next generation as we work towards retirement.

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