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Frequently Asked Questions by HE Customers


   1. Can I be a Pilot Vehicle Driver to reduce freight costs when my silo is being delivered?

No, our qualified drivers are skilled in erecting and installing the silo, this makes it easy for immediate on-farm usage. 



   2. What will it cost me in Freight?

Depending on size of the silo/field bin prices begin at $5.00 per kilometre for up to 4.5m diameter with a minimum charge of $250.00.

If silos are over 4.5m diameter $7.00 per kilometre with a minimum charge of $400.00. A RMS permit is also required which will be included on your quotation and our logistic team will organise for you.


   3. Do NSW Farmers Members get a discount?

Yes, H E Silos is a proud partner with NSW Farmers Association Members to provide assistance with assisting farmers and growers to make the most of their grain storage needs. Call one of our friendly staff on 02 6852 3488 to get a quotation or ask about our discount.



   4. Can I design to my specification?

Yes, our team of engineers can customise each product according to your requirements. Call us today to get a quotation from our friendly sales team.



   5. What is TICS™?

TICS™ or Thermal Insect Control System® is a is a method of utilising thermal air pressures and patterns to assist in control of insect activity in grain storage without the need for onsite power or the need to climb ladders to install phosphine in the silo. All of this can be done at ground level, reduces the need to climb silos while also allowing for safer chemical handling at ground level

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