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Grower Profiles

When you partner with HE SILOS, you partner with a professional team committed to supplying your Grain Storage needs, from a small seed silo, to a Bulk Storage Grain Enterprise, and everything in between.

HE Silos is committed to assisting customers in search for best fit storage, and with our team of in-house engineers and designers, we can look at maximizing your on farm or business requirements to supply high quality fit for purpose storage requirements.

HE SILOS believe in proactively helping grain growers to secure the quality, quantity and value of stored grains.

The need to continually innovate combined with education is paramount to help secure the worlds future demand for available food resources.

Because Every Grain Counts

Salvatore Papa - Papa’s Fattoria

Lloyd, Russell, and Geoffrey Jones – Jones Darriwell Partners


David Fishpool - GA Fishpool & Co

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For 25 years Salvatore owned and operated his farming enterprise, farming Wheat and Canola on his property near Bathurst NSW.

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The Jones Darriwell family run and operate a farm near Trundle NSW.

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David has been working on his family farm since he was 5 years old with his father.

Scott Mattiske (Parents David & Janelle Mattiske) - D & J Partnership

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Located in Forbes NSW, Scott Mattiske is a fourth-generation family farmer with a farming enterprise going back 70+ years.

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