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HE Silos Turns 50

HE Silos was established in 1969 as Hillston Engineering. We have been storing the nations grains and supporting Aussie Farmers for over 50 years, because every grain counts!

To celebrate the monumental milestone of fifty years in operation and ongoing market success, and to give back to our communities and customers, HE Silos is hosted four Local Grain Expos across four locations through the region, culminating with a 50th Birthday major prize draw at the final event location: Henty Machinery Field Days, Thursday, 19th September 2019.

Prior to this, our inaugural expo will be held at our factory in Forbes on Thursday, 25 July 2019, with the following event held in West Wyalong August 1st, Goulburn August 22nd, and Hillston August 29th.

HE @ Henty

Furthermore, to celebrate 50 years of storing the nations grains, HE Silos held monthly draws where anyone who purchased a silo had the opportunity to win a gift certificate. All participants went into the major giveaway draw presented at the Henty Machinery Field Days in September 2019.
Congratulations to all the winners of the HE Silos 50 Years Celebrations.

Congratulations to our major 50th Prizes winners:

1st prize (Honda XR 190 Motorbike): Chris Morrison – Forbes

2nd prize ($3000 Luxury Escapes voucher): Dale Curtis – Trundle

3rd prize (Easyaer Aeration controller unit): Francis Evans – Warren

Forbes Local Grain Expo

On Thursday 25th July 2019, we hosted our Forbes Local Grain Expo at our workshop. Our Local Grain Expo commenced at 1pm, with a lineup of industry speakers.

Our very own sales manager Karen spoke about our range of products on the market, the national coordinator for Grains Research and Development Corporation Chris Warrick shared his knowledge on successful grain management and storage.


Guy Webb who is the managing director of Soil C Quest spoke to producers about the research going into the development of Social Carbon Sequestration Biotechnology. Lastly we had the ever so talented Steven Morrison speak about upcoming innovations, and our affiliation with a company in Denmark called iGrain which specialises in monitoring and conditioning grain.

West Wyalong Local Grain Expos

For our next Expo, we partnered with Ag n Vet West Wyalong on the 1st of August 2019.

We were lucky enough have Karen, our own Sales Manager speak about the range of products available and spoke on behalf of our Managing Director about our affiliation with iGrain which specialises in monitoring and conditioning grain.

We had Chirs Warrick, National coordinator for GRDC and Gub Webb, Managing director of Soil C Quest, addressing any questions surrounding drought proofing and techniques on how to get through the drought.

It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to audiences about what products are on the market that can assist with increasing profitability during the dry times.

Goulburn Local Grain Expo

For our third Local Grain Expo we partnering with Landmark Goulburn on the 22nd of August 2019.

We had David Noble from Landmark, speak about what is stored in a 55 tonne Silo visually demonstrate with a B double truck.Our very own Karen shared her knowledge again.

We also had  Matthew Hallam, a livestock production expert and agronomist, share the importance of nutrition in livestock.

Hillston Local Grain Expo

For our final Local Grain Expo, we finished were it all began partnered with Landmark Hillston on the August 29th 2019.

We had David Kojac the Biosecurity Officer at Local Land Services join us with over a decade in the industry, David was speaking to local landholders in relation to feral and invasive pest species, especially around feral pigs and the diseases currently transmitting from pigs, to hunting dogs and humans, and the precautions required, as well as an overview of feral species in the region

This day was a wonderful end to the HE Silos Grain expos across NSW for August and September, finishing up in the location that it all began. With over 25 attendees, there was a lot of laughs with local farmers catching up, and enjoying the catered BBQ as well as being able to have information on HE Silos products, and new innovations currently underway.

Graham Sinclair.JPG

Silo Seeking Quest

As a final hurrah to celebrate our 50th birthday celebration, HE Silos hosted a Silos Seeking Quest where the team was on the search of the oldest in use Silo, Field Bin or Feeders. 

This final chapter to our 50th helped us reminisce, on our past, present and future products manufactured from HE Silos.

Congratulations to our winner, Graham from Temora. Graham’s Silo has come in with the serial plate number 028 & 029, made in the Hillston Factory in the 1970’s.

Thank you to everyone that took part in our Silo Seeking Quest and we have loved viewing all the old silos that we have manufactured over the year.

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