Agricultural Kit Silos

At HE Silos, we specialize in manufacturing two distinct lines of Agricultural Kit Silos: Grain Silos and Stockfeed Silos. Proudly designed and crafted at our factory in Forbes, our Agricultural Kit silos are meticulously tailored for Australian farmers. Offering unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, our silos provide access to a durable and high-quality storage solution. Engineered to withstand the rigorous standards of the Australian agricultural industry, our products are built to last. These Agricultural Kit Silos are ingeniously designed as 'flat-pack' units, allowing for easy freight on any truck or carrier, whether across Australia or beyond.

  • Designed for the storage of grains and stock feed
  • Cost effective storage with a quick return on investment
  • Customisation of all models to suit specific customer requirements
  • Manufacture components in the factory, packaged and assembled on site

  • Can be assembled by our team or yourself.

  • Designed to minimize freight costs

  • Cost effective storage per tonnage

  • Hopper, Support Structure, Roof and Walls made of Galvanized steel.

  • Engineered and certified to Australian Standards and Codes.

  • Extra Sight Glass

  • Thermal Insect Control System for fumigation

  • Removable Auger Boot

  • Aeration Cooling and Drying Systems

    Supplied by leading drying brand Agridry Pty Ltd

  • Gas Tight Sealable

    According to Australian Standard AS2628-2010 for Sealed grain-storage silos

Additional Information

  1. All HE Silos Commercial Grade Grain Silos come standard with one sight glass in the top barrel ring, remote opening lid and all Ladders, Cages and Walkways are designed and made to meet Australian Standards AS1657-2018
  2. Wheat capacity based on typical consolidated/compacted bulk density in silo.
  3. Max. Load based on engineering design for wheat at 800kg/m3 with a 5% compaction. This may not apply to products other than grain.
  4. Auger lengths are indicative only and are based on 30° angle.
  5. Outlet height on silo base silos increases when placed on concrete footings. Ref. Footing Plans.
  6. Covered by HE Silos 10 year structural Warranty

Agricultural Range – Grain Silos

Model Tonnes Height Diameter Cone to Ground Cone Rings Auger Length
KS284001 11m³ 10t 3.7m 2.8m 670mm 40° 1 9.0m(30)
KS284002 18m³ 16t 4.9m 2.8m 670mm 40° 2 11.0m (36)
KS284003 25m³ 22t 6.1m 2.8m 670mm 40° 3 11.0m (36)
KS284004 32m³ 28t 7.3m 2.8m 670mm 40° 4 13.0m (43)
KS374001 23m³ 20t 4.3m 3.7m 600mm 40° 1 9m(30)
KS374002 35m³ 30t 5.5m 3.7m 600mm 40° 2 11m (36)
KS374003 48m³ 40t 6.7m 3.7m 600mm 40° 3 13m (43)
KS374004 60m³ 50t 7.9m 3.7m 600mm 40° 4 13.7m (45’)

Agricultural Range – Stockfeed Silos

Model Tonnes Height Diameter Cone to Ground Cone Rings Auger Length
KS286001 14m³ 12t 4.5m 2.8m 650mm 60° 1 11m (36)
KS286002 21m³ 18t 5.7m 2.8m 650mm 60° 2 11m (36)
KS286003 28m³ 24t 6.9m 2.8m 650mm 60° 3 13m (43)
KS286004 35m³ 30t 8.4m 2.8m 650mm 60° 4 13.7m (45’)
KS376001 28m³ 26t 5.1m 3.7m 650mm 60° 1 11m (36)
KS376002 40m³ 38t 6.3m 3.7m 650mm 60° 2 13m (43)
KS376003 52m³ 52t 7.5m 3.7m 650mm 60° 3 13m (43)
KS376004 64m³ 60t 8.7m 3.7m 600mm 60° 4 14.8m (49’)

Premium Australian-Made Agricultural Kit Silos:
Seamless Solutions for Grain Storage

Experience agricultural storage solutions at their finest with our Agricultural Kit Silos, meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials right here in Australia, tailored for Australian conditions. Designed to meet Australian grain storage standards, our silos eliminate the burden of extra transportation costs. Offering unmatched flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, our Agricultural Kit Silos provide access to superior durability and quality, making them suited for any on-farm operations from cropping to stockfeed feedlots. With easy bolt-together assembly and a comprehensive construction manual included, installation is a breeze. For those seeking additional assistance, our construction team can be arranged for a nominal fee. Whether you require standard designs or custom solutions, our Agricultural Kit Silos are ready to meet your specific needs. Plus, their convenient size allows for easy transportation on a car trailer, ensuring seamless integration into your agricultural operations.