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We have been

Storing the nations grain

since 1969 

What we do

  What We Do  

HE Silos is the leading brand in silo design and manufacturer for the Australian and International Market. We are innovative and focus our designs around Safety, Efficient operation and protecting the stored products to minimise losses occurred during post-harvest storage. We continually review our designs to ensure we are introducing the latest technologies to every grain producer in the world with the main focus on preserving the world food security.


We manufacture a wide range of Grain, Fertiliser, and Pellet & Mash Silos; Field Bins, Livestock Feeders, our award-winning Thermal Insect Control System® (TICS®), Kit and Bulk Storage Silos, and Custom Designs build to any scope.

  Our Customers  


​The HE Silos are well built, sealed have the TICS and satisfy my needs for on farm storage. 

- Jane D

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