Grain Silos

Our Grain Sealable Silos are proudly designed and manufactured in our factory, tailored specifically for Australian farmers. Built to endure the demands of long-term grain storage, they fully comply with the rigorous standards outlined in the Australian Standard AS2628-2010 for Sealed grain-storage silos. With over five decades of experience in crafting grain storage solutions, HE Silos ensures that each silo undergoes meticulous pressure testing before delivery and expert installation on your farm. Our commitment to quality and durability resonates in every product we deliver, reflecting our deep understanding of our clients' needs and our dedication to serving the Australian agricultural community.

  • Preserve grain quality by sealing out moisture and pests
  • Gas-tight Sealed Silos are designed for long-term storage
  • Segregation and flexibility of various grain storage
  • Manufacture, assembled and delivered ready to use

  • Boasts a 45° to 30° Cone for easy flow of materials

  • One sight glass located in the top barrel

  • Gas Tight Sealable according to Australian Standard AS2628-2010 – Sealed grain-storage silos

  • Ladders & Cages are compliant to the Australian Standard AS1657-2018 – Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders – Design, construction and installation.

  • Locks on Slide ladder to prevent accessibility to children and visitors.

  • Ground Opening Lid for reduction of climbing and safety

  • Zincalume barrel and roofs, and galvanized support structure

  • Manhole in base for easy access and cleaning

  • Large discharge opening slide to remove materials with help of auger

  • Covered by 10-year Structural warranty and 1 year parts warranty

  • Engineered and certified to Australian Standards and Codes.

  • Additional Sight Glass

  • Un-sealable options available

  • Thermal Insect Control System™ (TICS™)

  • Aeration Cooling and Drying Systems

  • Removable Auger Boot

  • Bagging Chute

Additional Information

  1. HE Silos Grain Silos come standard with One sight glass in the top ring
  2. Capacity is based on typical consolidated of Wheat with a 5% compacted bulk density in silo.
  3. Max. Load based on engineering design. This may not apply to products other than grain.
  4. Auger lengths are indicative only and are based on 40° angle.
  5. Pilot/Escort vehicle requirements may vary in certain locations (e.g. metropolitan areas).
  6. NHVR Permits may be required for our wider loads and various restricted roads.

Grain Silo Specs

Model Capacity (t) Height (m) Diameter (m) Auger Length (m) Cone° Cone to Ground
150S 5.5m³ 4.4t 3.6m 1.8m 6.0m (19') 45° 600mm
300S 10.5m³ 8.7t 4.0m 2.4m 6.7m (21') 45° 500mm
300ES 10.5m³ 8.7t 4.5m 2.4m 7.2m (23') 45° 1000mm
420S 15.3m³ 12t 4.8m 2.4m 8.0m (26') 45° 500mm
420ES 15.3m³ 12t 5.3m 2.4m 8.5m (28') 45° 1000mm
510S 18.5m³ 14t 5.6m 2.4m 8.8m (29') 45° 500mm
510ES 18.5m³ 14t 6.1m 2.4m 9.3m (31') 45° 1000mm
750S 27.3m³ 23t 5.7m 3.0m 9.0m (30') 30° 500mm
940S 32.7m³ 27.5t 4.6m 3.7m 9.0m (30') 30° 500mm
1200S 41.4m³ 35t 5.4m 3.7m 9.8m (32') 30° 500mm
1500S 50m³ 40t 6.2m 3.7m 11.0m (36') 30° 500mm
1700S 58.7m³ 50t 7.0m 3.7m 12.2 (42') 30° 500mm
2000S 64m³ 55t 6.0m 4.5m 11.0m (36') 30° 500mm
2350S 77m³ 65t 6.8m 4.5m 12.2m (42') 30° 500mm
2800S 90m³ 75t 7.6m 4.5m 13.7m (45') 30° 500mm
3600S 118m³ 100t 8.7m 4.75m 16.7m (55') 30° 550mm
3960S 132m³ 110t 9.5m 4.75m 18.3m (60') 30° 550mm
4320S 144m³ 120t 10.3m 4.75m 20.0m (65') 30° 550mm
4830S 161m³ 130t 11.2m 4.75m 20.5m (67') 30° 550mm

Australian Made for Australian Farmers

Our Grain Silos are indispensable assets in modern agriculture, offering a multitude of benefits. Not only are they an Australian Made product but they are also designed specifically to shield stored grains from the harsh Australian weather, preserving quality and ensuring food safety. Our efficient design maximizes storage capacity whilst also maintaining the quality that is the HE Silos Brand. We pride ourselves on using the strongest graded material in the industry which lengthens the usability of the product. With flexibility for customization and long-term storage capabilities, your HE Silos grain silo will empower you to manage harvests strategically, seizing market opportunities and optimizing profitability.