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Field Bins

Our Field Bins provide superior quality and value for money ideal for short-term storage and versatility of mobility during peak times of productivity. Our Field Bins range from Grain, Fertiliser, Rice and Auger Field Bins providing the flexibility required for storage. 


  • 20, 30, 40 & 50 tonne Grain Field Bin

  • 20 & 30 tonne Fertiliser Field Bin

  • 30 tonne Auger Grain Field Bin

  • Delivered and Ready to use

  • Covered by 10-year Structural warranty and 1 year parts warranty

  • Special Design Field Bins are made available to suit specific customer requirements

  • Sturdy Zincalume Barrel/roofs and galvanized support structure.


  • Brand New Tyres/ Ford Rims

  • Clean out doors

  • One sight glass located in the bottom ring

  • Auger boot with cut off slide

  • Large side door openings

  • Fertiliser Bins coated with 2-part Epoxy membrane

Optional Extras

  • Additional Sights Glass

  • Bagging chute

  • Auger Boot

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