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Livestock Feeders

Our Livestock Feeders are specifically designed with skid mounting for easy towing and a 45° cone to eliminate bridging. They are the cornerstone for feedlot operations as they’re equipped with adjustable skirt to monitor and control the feed intake, eliminating wastage and lowering labour and feed costs.

HE Silos has a range of Chicken, Sheep and Cattle Feeders for Pellets and Meal, and round and square Hay Bale Feeders to optimise roughage feeding with minimal loss or wastage.


  • Delivered and ready to use

  • Sizes range from 40B, 90B & 250B - Cattle and Sheep Feeders.

  • Round & Square Bale Feeder

  • Chicken Feeders

  • Covered by 10-year Structural warranty and 1-year parts warranty

  • Sturdy Zincalume Barrel/roofs and galvanized support structure.


  • Ladder to ground

  • One centre fill

  • Skid mounted for easy towing

  • 45° Cone to eliminate bridging

  • Adjustable skirt to vary feed rate

  • 40B Feeds up to 25 Head

  • 90B & 250B feeds up to 35 head

Optional Extras

  • Additional Sights Glass

  • Large slide away lid

  • Lamb Rings

Multi Orders delivery Orders:

40B Feeder – 5 per delivery, 90B Feeder – 4 per delivery, 250B Feeder – 2 per delivery

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