Commercial Grade Bulk Silos

HE Silos’ Commercial Grade Bulk Silos embody the pinnacle of grain storage excellence, engineered to endure the rigors of heavy-duty usage. Constructed from premium-grade, hi-tensile galvanized steel, these silos are a testament to both durability and reliability. Designed to meet Australian Standard AS2628-2010 for sealed grain storage, they boast a guaranteed gas-tight seal, ensuring optimal conditions for long-term storage. From wheat to barley to corn cobs, these silos are adaptable to a wide range of grain types, offering flexibility to agricultural enterprises. With the option for custom designs tailored to specific storage requirements, HE Silos ensures that each silo is optimized for maximum efficiency and functionality. Whether for short-term segregation or extended storage, these silos provide a secure and dependable solution, backed by HE Silos' reputation for quality and expertise.

  • Designed for commercial grain storage system.
  • Designed for both long-term and short-term grain storage for the Australian grain industry.
  • Manufactured from high strength galvanised steel, our commercial grade silos are built to last.
  • Manufacture components in the factory and assembled on site by our experienced team

  • Hopper, Support Structure, Roof and Walls made of Galvanized steel.

  • Our cone-based silos are simple to load and unload, providing the ability of rapid emptying due to the elevated hopper design

  • Our commercial range is easy to clean and maintain that will protect your grain for years to come

  • All HE Silos Sealable Silos are manufactured to the Australian Standard AS2628-2010 for Sealed grain-storage silos.

  • Ladders & Cages are compliant to the Australian Standard AS1657-2018 – Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders – Design, construction and installation.

  • Locks on Slide ladder to prevent accessibility to children and visitors.

  • All seals use high-quality, long-lasting materials and protection

  • Engineered and certified to Australian Standards and Codes.

  • Thermal Insect Control System™

    (TICS™) for safe and efficient fumigation

  • Extra Sight Glass

  • Aeration Cooling and Drying Systems

    Supplied by leading drying brand Agridry Pty Ltd

Additional Information

  1. All HE Silos Commercial Grade Grain Silos come standard with one sight glass in the top barrel ring and all Ladders, Cages and Walkways are designed and made to meet Australian Standards AS1657-2018
  2. Wheat capacity based on typical consolidated/compacted bulk density in silo.
  3. Max. Load based on engineering design for wheat at 800kg/m3 with a 5% compaction – this load will vary for products with differing properties.
  4. Alternative (non-Standard) Outlet heights are optional on all models.
  5. Auger lengths are indicative only and are based on 35Æ angle. As differing auger brands elevate to different angles, always check individual auger height.
  6. Pilot/Escort vehicle requirements may vary in certain locations (e.g. metropolitan areas).
  7. We advise and recommend all customers consult with a structural engineer regarding their foundations. Foundations are not covered by warranty and it is imperative to get this right. In most cases, sites will need to be excavated and road base and crusher dust laid to ensure minimal movement post-construction. We will not proceed with a job if we deem the foundations to be insufficient.
  8. All quotes and prices are less concrete, concreter and crane hire. Concrete and crane hire will need to be organised ahead of time and pre booked with your nearest supplier so they are ready for the day.
  9. Please Note – Larger commercial models are available, enquire below.

Commercial Grade Grain Silos SpecS

Model Capacity (t) Height (m) Diameter (m) Auger Length (m) Cone° Cone to Ground Rings Concrete (APPROX.)
HBC650335 160m³ 130t 8.5m 6.5m 15m (49) 35° 1000mm 3 7m³
HBC650435 195m³ 160t 9.7m 6.5m 17m (56) 35° 1000mm 4 7m³
HBC650535 235m³ 192t 10.9m 6.5m 21m (69) 35° 1000mm 5 7m³
HBC750335 220m³ 170t 9.0m 7.5m 21m (69) 35° 1000mm 3 12m³
HBC750435 270m³ 210t 10.2m 7.5m 21m (69) 35° 1000mm 4 12m³
HBC750535 320m³ 260t 11.4m 7.5m 21m (69) 35° 1000mm 5 12m³
HBC750635 370m³ 305t 12.6m 7.5m 25m (82) 35° 1000mm 6 12m³
HBC930235 290m³ 235t 9.8m 9.3m 21m (69) 35° 1000mm 2 26m³
HBC930335 370m³ 305t 10.0m 9.3m 21m (69) 35° 1000mm 3 26m³
HBC930435 450m³ 380t 12.7m 9.3m 21m (69) 35° 1000mm 4 26m³
HBC930535 530m³ 420t 12.7m 9.3m 25m (82) 35° 1000mm 5 26m³
HBC930635 630m³ 500T 13.4m 9.3m 25m (82) 35° 1000mm 6 26m³

Unlocking The Value of HE Silos’ Commercial Grade Silos in your Grain Storage Operations

The value of commercial grade silos extends far beyond their initial cost, encompassing a range of benefits that contribute to the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of grain storage operations. Firstly, these silos offer unparalleled durability and reliability, thanks to their construction from hi-tensile galvanized steel and adherence to strict quality standards. This durability translates into longevity, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements and ultimately lowering operational costs over time. Moreover, the gas-tight seal provided by these silos ensures optimal conditions for grain storage, minimizing losses due to spoilage, pests, or moisture damage. Additionally, the versatility of commercial grade silos allows for customization to suit specific grain types and storage requirements, providing flexibility for agricultural enterprises. Beyond mere storage, these silos can also serve as effective tools for grain management, segregation, and even fumigation, further enhancing their value proposition. Overall, the investment in commercial grade silos represents not just a financial expenditure, but a strategic asset that contributes to the success and sustainability of grain storage operations.