Field Bins

At HE Silos, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality Mobile Field Bins designed to offer exceptional value for money. Ideal for short-term storage and mobility during peak productivity periods, our Field Bins provide unmatched versatility. Our product range includes Grain, Fertiliser, Rice, and Auger Field Bins, ensuring we meet the diverse storage needs of our customers. With HE Silos, you can trust in superior quality and the flexibility required for efficient storage solutions.

  • Designed for short term storage of grains and fertiliser
  • Cost effective storage
  • General Multi-purpose grain and fertiliser storage
  • Manufacture, assembled and delivered ready to use

  • One sight glass located in the top barrel

  • Zincalume barrel and roofs, and galvanized support structure

  • Fertiliser Field Bins coated with 2-part Epoxy membrane

  • 2 Large side opening doors for easy and quick loading

  • Manhole in base for easy access and cleaning

  • Adjustable wheel assembly for lifting and lowering that are easy to use

  • Versatile and easy to use towing

  • Fitted with an auger boot or Large discharge opening slide to remove materials with help of auger

  • Covered by 10-year Structural warranty and 1 year parts warranty

  • Engineered and certified to Australian Standards and Codes.

  • Extra Sight Glass

  • Removable Auger Boot

  • Bagging Chute

Additional Information

  1. HE Silos Mobile Field Bins come standard with One sight glass in the bottom ring
  2. All Mobile Field Bins come standard with a travel Oversize Sign meeting road rules
  3. Grain Mobile Field Bins capacity is based on typical consolidated of Wheat with a 5% compacted bulk density in silo.
  4. Fertilsier Mobile Field Bins capacity is based on typical consolidated of Fertiliser at a 950kgs/m3 with a 5% compacted bulk density in silo.
  5. All HE Silos Fertiliser range comes coated with a 2 part epoxy coating to withstand the corrosive nature of Fertiliser .
  6. Max. Load based on engineering design. This may not apply to products other than grain.
  7. Auger lengths are indicative only and are based on 40° angle.
  8. Pilot/Escort vehicle requirements may vary in certain locations (e.g. metropolitan areas).
  9. NHVR Permits may be required for our wider loads and various restricted roads.


Model Capacity (t) Height (m) Diameter (m) Auger Length (m) Cone° Cone to Ground
20FB 24.3m³ 20t 2.9m 3.7m 4m 30° Auger Boot
30FB 37m³ 30t 3.1m 4.5m 4.2m 30° Auger Boot
40FB 51m³ 40t 3.5m 5.25m 4.6m 30° Auger Boot
50FB 61m³ 50t 3.7m 5.49m 4.7m 30° Auger Boot
20FFB 24.3m³ 20t 3.1m 3.7m 4.2m 40° Auger Boot
30FFB 37m³ 30t 3.4m 4.5m 4.5m 40° Auger Boot
30AFB 37m³ 30t 3.4m 4.5m 4.7m 40° 500mm with Cut of Slide
30RFB 37m³ 30t 3.65m 4.5m 4.75m 40° 500mm with Cut of Slide

Maximizing Agricultural Efficiency with our Mobile Field Bins

Investing in our Mobile Field Bins offers farmers a transformative solution to streamline their operations and maximize productivity. Our Mobile Field Bins boast unparalleled portability, enabling seamless transportation of produce and materials within the field or farm, saving valuable time and effort. With a focus on efficiency, our bins optimize harvesting and transportation processes by allowing workers to load produce directly in the field, reducing handling steps and minimizing the risk of crop damage. What sets our bins apart is their exceptional versatility; designed to accommodate various types of produce or materials, they offer year-round utility. Whether shielding fertilizers from the elements or storing grain during harvesting periods, our bins adapt to diverse agricultural needs. Moreover, our commitment to cost-effectiveness is evident in the durability of our bins, crafted from quality Australian galvanized steel and zincalume. As an Australian-owned and made business with over 55 years of industry experience, we provide farmers with a reliable and enduring solution that enhances their farming endeavors.