Livestock Feeders

HE Silos provides a diverse selection of livestock feeders tailored for pellets, and meal. Engineered to enhance feeding efficiency while reducing wastage and cutting down on labour and feed expenses, our feeders are equipped with adjustable skirts for precise feed distribution control. They're an excellent fit for feedlot operations seeking optimized performance.

  • Optimise feeding rates with adjustable skirts
  • Skid mount for ease of transport
  • Designed for feedlots

HE Silos offers a variety of round and square hay bale feeders designed to optimize roughage feeding with minimal wastage. These feeders are crafted to ensure that your livestock receive the necessary nutrients from hay while minimizing loss, making them an ideal choice for efficient feeding practices.

  • Manufacture, assembled and delivered ready to use

  • Designed for sheep or cattle but can be customised for any feedlot system

  • Galvanised support structure

  • Ground opening lid for easy filling

  • Base has an inverted 45° Cone to eliminate bridging of feed.

  • Base has Adjustable skirt to vary feed rate.

  • Base is fitted with skid mounts for easy towing

  • Engineered and certified to Australian Standards and Codes.

  • Extra Sight Glass

  • Blower & Breather Pipes

  • Large Slide away lid for easy filling

  • Lamb rings to ensure easy and ample feed rates

  • Delivery charges

Additional Information

  1. Capacity is dependent on oats (580 kgs/m3) with a 5% compaction.
  2. Auger lengths are indicative only and are based on 30° angle.
  3. All HE Silos Forbes products are engineered certified and are australian made and manufactured.
  4. Pilot/Escort vehicle requirements may vary in certain locations (e.g. metropolitan areas).

Livestock feeders

Model Description Capacity (t) Height (m) Roof Diameter Trough Circumference (m) Cone°
40BCLF 40 Bag Cattle lick Feeder 2t 3.5m³ 2.4m 3.5m 7.25m 45°
90BCLF 90 Bag Cattle Lick Feeder 5t 8.7m³ 2.7m 4.1m 9.75m 45°
250BCLF 250 Bag Cattle Lick Feeder 15t 26m³ 4.2m 4.4m 9.75m 45°
40BSLF 40 Bag Sheep Lick Feeder 2t 3.5m³ 2.4m 3.5m 7.25m 45°
90BSLF 90 Bag Sheep Lick Feeder 5t 8.7m³ 2.7m 4.1m 9.75m 45°
250BSLF 250 Bag Sheep Lick Feeder 15t 26m³ 4.2m 4.4m 9.75m 45°

Hay bale feeders

Model Description Capacity (m/Bale width) Height (m)
RBF Round Bale 2.13m 1.58m
SQBFNL Square Bale No Lid 8 x 4 Bale 1.25m
SQBFWL Square Bale With Lid 8 x 4 Bale 1.7m

HE Silos Livestock Feeders Enhance your Feedlot Management 

Livestock feeders are indispensable in farm feedlots for their multifaceted benefits. They streamline feeding operations, ensuring efficient distribution of allocated feed portions to each animal while minimizing wastage. This precision in feeding not only contributes to significant cost savings by reducing feed expenses but also promotes balanced nutrition tailored to the specific needs of the livestock. Additionally, feeders enhance labor efficiency by automating feeding processes or simplifying manual distribution, thereby saving time and resources for farm workers. Beyond economic considerations, proper feed management facilitated by feeders directly impacts animal health and welfare, ensuring consistent and adequate nutrition critical for growth and well-being. Moreover, by minimizing feed wastage, feeders mitigate the environmental footprint associated with excess feed runoff and disposal, contributing to the overall sustainability of farm operations. In essence, livestock feeders serve as a cornerstone for efficient and responsible feedlot management, benefiting both the farm’s bottom line and the welfare of its livestock. HE Silos takes pride in offering Australian-made livestock feeders constructed with the highest quality galvanized steel for the base, and zincalume roof and barrel, ensuring durability and reliability in even the harshest farming conditions.