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Grain Silos

Our Grain Sealable Silos are designed and manufactured in our factory and installed on site. Our Grain Sealable Silos are recommended for long term storage of grain and comply with the Australian Silo Sealing Standard of AS2628. 

All sealable silos are pressure tested prior to delivery and installed on your farm.


  • 30° or 45° Cone

  • One sight glass located in the top barrel ring

  • Remote opening lid

  • Side opening slide

  • Ladders & Cages – compliance to the Australian Standard AS1657


  • Delivered and Installed on farm

  • 4.4 – 110 Tonnes of Wheat

  • Our Sealable Silos meet the Australian Standard AS2628

  • Covered by 10-year Structural warranty and 1-year parts warranty

  • Special Design Silos are made available to suit any specific requirements

  • Sturdy Zincalume Barrel/Roofs and galvanized support structure.

Optional Extras

  • Thermal Insect Control Systems® (TICS®)

  • Aeration

  • Additional Sights Glass

  • Bagging Chute

  • Auger Boot – Silo Strap On

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