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Pellet & Mash Silos

Our Pellet & Mash Silos are designed to store a variety of feed mixes including Pellets, Mash and mixed grains.

The 60° cone provides ease of flow for variations encountered in feed mixes. These silos are specially designed for poultry, dairy, piggeries and feedlot industries.

Our Pellet & Mash Silos can also be equipped with remote opening lid kit, for easy excess to the top of your silo from ground level and blowers and breathers for ease of product in loading.


  • Manufactured in Forbes NSW

  • Delivered and Installed on farm

  • Ranging from 6m³ - 100m³

  • Covered by 10-year Structural warranty and 1 year parts warranty

  • Special Design Silos are made available to suit specific customer requirements

  • Sturdy Zincalume Barrel/roofs and galvanized support structure.


  • 60° Cone

  • Side opening slide

  • One sight glass located in the top barrel ring

  • Ladders & Cages – compliance to the Australian Standard AS1657

Optional Extras

  • Remote opening lid

  • Additional Sights Glass

  • Blower pipe

  • Breather pipe

  • Camlock

  • Bagging Chute

  • Sealed C Clamp kit

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