Thermal Insect Control System TICS®

What is TICS®?

  • Our TICS®, Thermal Insect Control System™ is our award-winning innovative fumigation chamber that reduces the on-farm risk during the grain fumigation process.

  • The HDPE pipe runs the length of the silo to the ground level reducing the risk of climbing the silo with dangerous chemicals. The HDPE pipe is 100% recyclable, and reusable making the TICS® a green and eco-friendly product

  • Our TICS® has undergone extensive study from Charles Stuart University where the product has met, maintained and exceeded the GRDC recommended Phosphine gas levels.

  • Our Thermal Insect Control System™ won 2016 Excellence in Innovation and NSW Business of the Year 2016 for its pioneer characteristics and advocating on farm safety.

Model 1700S with TICS
Model 1700S with TICS

50 tonne Grain Silos with TICS

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Model 2000S with TICS
Model 2000S with TICS

55 tonne Grain Silo with TICS

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Model 940S with TICS
Model 940S with TICS

27.5 tonne Grain Silo with TICS

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How TICS® Benefits you?

  • Maintains consistent Phosphine levels throughout the silo for over 30 days with even distribution of phosphine gas throughout the silo

  • Our TICS® is made from 100% recyclable and reusable, making it clean green product

  • Our TICS® system can be retrofitted to most existing on-site silos

  • It is a Safe, Cost Effective and Efficient Phosphine fumigation treatment product.

Why you Need TICS®?

  • On-Farm Safety - Reduces Risk of climbing Silos

  • On-Farm Safety - Safer Handling of Fumigants

  • Sustains Grain Quality by adding value to grain through reducing grain losses due to insect infestation or contamination.

HE Aeration System

Using an Aeration in conjunction with your TICS® system can increase your grain quality. 

Aeration is used to control and even out the moisture in the silo. 

Aeration can increase the length of grain storage.