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Thermal Insect Control System TICS®

What is TICS®?

  • Our TICS®, Thermal Insect Control System™ is our award-winning innovative fumigation chamber that reduces the on-farm risk during the grain fumigation process.

  • The HDPE pipe runs the length of the silo to the ground level reducing the risk of climbing the silo with dangerous chemicals. The HDPE pipe is 100% recyclable, and reusable making the TICS® a green and eco-friendly product

  • Our TICS® has undergone extensive study from Charles Stuart University where the product has met, maintained and exceeded the GRDC recommended Phosphine gas levels.

  • Our Thermal Insect Control System™ won 2016 Excellence in Innovation and NSW Business of the Year 2016 for its pioneer characteristics and advocating on farm safety.

How TICS® Benefits you?

  • Maintains consistent Phosphine levels throughout the silo for over 30 days with even distribution of phosphine gas throughout the silo

  • Our TICS® is made from 100% recyclable and reusable, making it clean green product

  • Our TICS® system can be retrofitted to most existing on-site silos

  • It is a Safe, Cost Effective and Efficient Phosphine fumigation treatment product.

Why you Need TICS®?

  • On-Farm Safety - Reduces Risk of climbing Silos

  • On-Farm Safety - Safer Handling of Fumigants

  • Sustains Grain Quality by adding value to grain through reducing grain losses due to insect infestation or contamination.

HE Aeration System

Using an Aeration in conjunction with your TICS® system can increase your grain quality. 

Aeration is used to control and even out the moisture in the silo. 

Aeration can increase the length of grain storage. 

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